Aqueous Humor

Aqueous Humor

The aqueous humor is the eye's clear liquid, containing water (99%), proteins, ions, ascorbate, glucose and lactate. This liquid substance can deliver important nutrients, and it can also maintain correct intraocular pressure - this helps the eye to keep its shape.

The ciliary body can secrete the aqueous humor. The aqueous humor flows through the eye's crystalline lens and iris, then arrives in the anterior chamber, and finally drains through the trabecular meshwork. This process lets the aqueous humor nourish the eye's crystalline lens and cornea.

The aqueous humor helps to maintain correct intraocular pressure. If the intraocular pressure is too high, glaucoma may occur, causing eyesight loss. Trabecular meshwork abnormality or obliteration can usually cause incorrect intraocular pressure.

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