Ocular Herpes

Ocular Herpes

Ocular herpes is a viral infection - often due to herpes simplex virus. The herpes simplex virus can remain dormant for a long time, but the following factors may trigger the virus: fever, trauma, or major surgeries. Ocular herpes is often recurrent, can sometimes affect both eyes.

Herpes virus can multiply quickly and damage epithelial cells, causing irritating pain or corneal infection. If the infection is severe, it may spread into the stroma layer, destroying stromal cells - this may lead to vision loss.

Ocular herpes may be controled, but it can not be cured. Since the infection can repeat again, it may lead to severe stromal keratitis. The patient should avoid using steroid eye drops, because steroids may worsen the infection. The patient should seek an eye doctor's advice or help.

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